Mammoth Beds Leicester

Mammoth Beds

Mammoth Beds Leicester

Colourbank are proud to be hosts of a Mammoth Centre of Excellence. The Mattresses produced by Mammoth are superb, cutting edge and scientifically proven to enhance sleep and recuperation. It is no wonder that this is the only brand to have been endorsed by the NHS and is supported by the Chiropractors Society, as well as almost all sports groups and bodies.

Mammoth’s mattresses were created for medical use, but were designed with the ideal outcome in mind, rather than making existing technologies and methods fit the user. As a result; Mammoth will beat any other brand on the market when analysed in the laboratory. Mammoth is truly the top brand for all in the know.

Colourbank is lucky enough to have the exclusive opportunity to offer Mammoth mattresses in Leicestershire, and we have enjoyed supplying LCFC players, Leicester Tigers players, Olympic athletes and many other famous faces. Mammoth mattresses are the recommended mattresses for any sports professional, as they are proven to aid recovery and recuperation, something which is critical to a professional sports career.

A visit to Colourbank’s Crest Rise store in Leicester will offer the opportunity to try Mammoth beds, and experience the indescribable, incredible blend of support and comfort.

We offer discounts for people in sporting and medical groups, please get in touch for information.

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