A Mattress Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Type for You

Throughout your life, you will spend around one third of your time in bed on average. This is why it is so important to ensure you allow your body to lie on a high-quality mattress that supports the body and doesn’t put any unwanted stress on the spine. Now that we know a good quality mattress is key to getting a better night’s sleep then choosing one should be easy? Wrong. It is vital to recognise that mattresses are not a one size fits all solution; what works and is comfortable for one person may cause another to toss and turn all night or result in back pain the following day.

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Carpet Colour and Pattern Trends 2021

If you are preparing to improve your home in 2021 this is the Blog for you. One way to freshen up your home’s look and feel is a new runner for your stairs! If you don’t have any stairs, change out your old area rugs or replace that old carpet that’s been an eyesore for years. We have many styles, colors and patterns to choose from. Interested in knowing what interior design choices have been selected for 2021? Keep reading! Continue reading “Carpet Colour and Pattern Trends 2021”

Choosing Underlay for Your New Carpet

If you’re having a new carpet fitted you will no doubt be thinking about choosing underlay as well. When buying a new carpet, opting for a new underlay is one of the smartest decisions if your existing underlay is old and tired. Those that choose to remain with their worn underlay from previous carpets often regret it and return for underlay in the future because they recognise that the comfort levels and heat efficiency is lost. This is something you will want to avoid when refurbishing a room in your home. Continue reading “Choosing Underlay for Your New Carpet”

Carpet Trends 2020 - Feature Image

Carpet & Floor Trends in 2020

Now that we’re two and a bit months into 2020, it’s a good time to start looking at carpet trends for the year. With many that have already opted to improve their home by adding new carpet and underlay, we have a good idea of what types of carpets homeowners are looking at buying. Grey remains a popular choice for many homeowners, with the colour offering subtle tones that are suitable for all types of rooms, whether you’re including eccentric wallpapers or neutral paint. Alongside grey, there has been a number of other plain carpets that have been selling well including browns and creams and even navy-blue carpets for offices! Continue reading “Carpet & Floor Trends in 2020”