Carpet Trends 2020 - Feature Image

Carpet & Floor Trends in 2020

Now that we’re two and a bit months into 2020, it’s a good time to start looking at carpet trends for the year. With many that have already opted to improve their home by adding new carpet and underlay, we have a good idea of what types of carpets homeowners are looking at buying. Grey remains a popular choice for many homeowners, with the colour offering subtle tones that are suitable for all types of rooms, whether you’re including eccentric wallpapers or neutral paint. Alongside grey, there has been a number of other plain carpets that have been selling well including browns and creams and even navy-blue carpets for offices!

It goes without saying that hard flooring such as wooden floors and laminate remains hugely popular, but the want for a cosy underfoot feel is definitely making a resurgence.

From the feedback that we receive from our customers, choosing carpet for your floor allows you to add extra creativity to your room, increasing colours and patterns bringing more variety to the room. Not only this, customers always talk about the longevity of carpets and are pleased with the way carpets can withstand footfall. If you purchase a stain-resistant carpet, you can also avoid damage from accidents such as wine and food spillages!

Keeping it Natural

Based on market trends throughout the industry, homeowners are continuing with the natural outdoor feel indoors. Using natural materials such as wool brings warmth to the home and also creates a feel similar to a wooden floor without having to compromise on the underfoot comfort. At the same time, many are looking to add hard flooring into a range of rooms, especially in kitchen/diners that are linked.

Bold Expressive Colours

As well as natural tones, many homeowners are choosing to install bold coloured carpets into their homes. Whilst the choice to install a bold carpet may seem to be a ‘bold’ decision, it is in fact a great way to bring a room to life. Expressive colours such as pinks, yellows, reds and purples can really make a room pop, especially when added to rooms that have coloured walls that complement the carpet. Not only walls but furniture can act as a defining feature which improves the way a carpet makes a room feel. Bold colours aren’t necessarily for everyone, but for those who do choose to install vibrant colour carpets, you will be pleased with the results.

Clashing Patterns

Whilst bold may seem brave at first, our installers have spotted a number of homeowners that are adding patterned carpets to rooms that have a specific pattern already. Whilst at first this may seem like an odd idea to have, with the right creative input and a strong interest in creating something fresh and unique, you can use patterns to your advantage. Whilst minimalism has dominated through the past ten years, homeowners are starting to see the benefits of multiple colours and designs and are really starting to talk about maximalism over minimalism.

Sustainable Materials

We have noticed a lift in the number of customers that are looking for sustainable materials for their carpets. This means they want renewable materials and an absence of material such as plastic within the carpet. We have found that these customers are also looking to bring a natural look to their home, and are typically eco-focused with their overall decor decisions. The same customers are also starting to think about adding wooden flooring instead of carpets. Those that do opt for wooden flooring do, however, purchase rugs to bring extra comfort to the room.

Luxury Carpets

It is no secret that homeowners want comfort and elegance within their home to create an environment that is soothing and relaxing to be in. Luxury carpets with a higher tog rating are becoming popular. Higher tog rated carpets (and underlay) have greater heat insulation so they create a much more comfortable room, especially during the winter. At the same time, low tog rated carpets are becoming more popular as more and more homeowners are opting to install underfloor heating. Lower tog does not mean less luxury, so long as the carpets construction still uses good quality materials to bring the benefits associated with comfort.

Soft Carpets

We have found that many customers are starting to look for more comfort on the foot. This has resulted in more homeowners opting for carpets that are soft and spongy. Whilst the underlay has a huge impact on how comfortable your carpet is to walk on, the more material added to the carpet will increase the softness under the foot. Those that opt for softer carpets are typically buying higher togged carpets and are specifically looking for comfort.

Overall we have seen a continuous trend towards homeowners looking to bring new forms of creativity to their homes. Comfort has become a priority compared to previous years where durability was a primary concern.

Colourbank carpets aim to stock all types of carpets, rugs and wooden flooring so that we can provide for a wide range of personal choices. Our expert installers always fit carpets to a high standard and are highly trained in their profession.