How to Measure Your Floor for a New Carpet

Colourbank has a wide variety of carpets for you to choose from. We are sure you will have no issue deciding what type of carpet and colour you would like. However, knowing how much of the carpet you need can be a little bit trickier than you first thought. To help we have put together an easy to follow guide.

Required Tools and Equipment

To successfully measure your carpet without error you will need to make sure you have the required tools available. You should have the below.

  • A Notepad
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Calculator 
  • Tape Measure 

Each one of these tools will play a part in getting the size of the room so that you will know how much carpet you need to buy.

Tape Measure - A Tool for Measuring a Room for a New Carpet

Step 1. Draw the Room Shape on the Paper

Simply use your pen/pencil and paper and draw out the shape of the room. If your room is an exact square, draw an exact square. If your room has any alcoves be sure to add them into the drawing. It is also essential that you include doorways as part of your drawing.

Step 2. Measure the Length of Your Room

Now you will need to use your tape measure and measure the length of your room. Once you have the exact length, take a note on your drawing. So if the length of your room is 5.30 metres, add a line through the centre of the room you drew and take note of that length. Be sure to measure at least 10cm over any doorways if there are any along the length.

Step 3. Measure the Width of Your Room

After you have finished measuring the length of the room you will need to measure the width. Again, take your tape measure and measure from one wall to the other and take note of the width on your drawing and remember to measure at least 10cm over for any doorways along the width. 

Step 4. Add 10cm to the Length and Width

Now that you have the exact measurement of the room for both the length and width, add 10cm to both to allow for fitting. 

Step 5. Measure the Amount You Need Based on Carpet Widths.

Carpets come in widths of 4m and 5m. So if the width of your room is less than 4m, simply put the width of your room into the calculator and times it by 4. For example, if the length of your room is 5.30 metres you simply go 4 x 5.40 =  21.60m squared. If the room has a bigger width – say between 4 and 5 metres, you simply multiply the length by 5.  

Colourbank Provide Expert Carpet Fitting

We understand that measuring a carpet can be difficult. If you need any help or advice feel free to contact us. We provide expert carpet fitting, so you can be sure that we will be able to provide you with advice when it comes to measuring your room for a new carpet. 

When buying a new carpet, Colourbank works hard to make it as easy as possible for you so that you can enjoy the buying experience. The stresses that come with measurements and fittings can be a lot to take on – especially if you have never completed this task before.