What To Look For When Buying a New Carpet

Buying a new carpet for your home is an exciting time where you’ll enjoy looking at many different carpet types and carpet colours. It can also be a very stressful and confusing time if you’re not 100% sure what type of carpet you’re looking to fit into your home.

To help you with the carpet selection process, we have put together this step-by-step guide which will make you fully aware of what to look for when buying a new carpet. The guide will include underlay, construction, material type, and colour. It also considers the room that you intend on fitting the carpet into and how durable the carpet needs to be.

If you already know the carpet type you’re looking for, we recommend that you view our full carpet range.

Step 1, Room Type – Consider the rooms daily footfall before choosing your new carpet

The type of room you intend on fitting the carpet into can have a massive impact on the type of carpet that you’ll choose to have fitted.
As mentioned by Good House Keeping rooms that have a higher footfall percentage will require a more dense and durable carpet to ensure the carpet is longer lasting. This is not to say that all carpets aren’t durable, but those that are MORE durable are better suited to hallways, landings and stairways. Whereas softer carpets with a more luxurious feel are great for bedrooms because the carpet is less likely to be walked on as often.

With this in mind, we recommend a woven carpet for durability, whereas a tufted carpet is suitable for rooms that require less durability.

Step 2, Underlay – Think about the amount of insulation you may require for the room and the amount of foot comfort you want.

Whilst underlay is not visible, it is an aspect of the carpet that should be considered in great depth before purchasing. Getting the right underlay will have a huge impact on your foot comfort when walking from room to room. It can also have an efficiency effect on your heating bill if you choose the right thickness, with the underlay providing floor insulation for the room.

We recommend that when you are replacing your carpet, you also replace the underlay to fully improve the floor.

For most rooms an 11mm underlay is perfect. This is thick enough to protect the carpet. This size will also make stepping on the carpet comfortable whilst silencing any noise from the floor. For stairways, a 9mm underlay will be great. Whilst it is slightly thinner than your main carpeted areas, the 9mm thickness is best suited for the structure of the stairs and will provide enough protection for the carpet.

Step 3, Pattern – Think about the way your room is decorated before buying a patterned carpet

Some prefer a plain carpet, whereas others enjoy stylish patterns. This is all down to personal taste. But we can say that textures have been very popular throughout 2019.

If you intend on having a patterned carpet, we recommend that you consider your current room décor and furniture before purchasing. Whilst most patterns look brilliant in a room, if you choose a pattern that doesn’t quite go well with your room’s overall appearance, you may regret it. Visit one of our Leicester stores to have a look at all our patterns before buying.

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Step 4, Colour – Make sure the colour goes well with your room, decorations and furniture

Possibly the most personal aspect of the decision-making process, we recommend that you fully consider all your options before choosing the colour.

Of course, you’ll already have an idea of the colours you want based on the colour of your room. However, we do advice that you consider the longevity of the colour if you are choosing it based on your current décor and paint. Staying neutral is always a good idea if you’re likely to redecorate regularly. That’s not to say you shouldn’t choose a more permanent colour or pattern if you know what you want.

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Step 5, Carpet Construction – Consider the durability of the carpet and how regular it will be walked on

Choosing the carpet construction all comes down to cost. There are two popular types of carpet construction: Woven and tufted. As mentioned in a previous blog: How to choose a carpet, woven carpets are a top-end product whereas tufted are far more common.

As mentioned above, the type of construction you choose can ultimately come down to the room you are fitting the carpet into. For extra durability, go for woven. Whilst tufted are great, they are better suited to rooms with less footfall – think the bedroom, dining room and living room. Stick to woven for hallways and landings.

Step 6, Carpet Material – Think about the level of comfort and durability you wish to gain from your carpet.

The four most common materials for carpet are: nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and wool. Each material has its own specific benefits and can completely change the comfort levels and aesthetic appearance of any room.

Nylon is a popular material choice for carpet shoppers. This is because it is very soft. Plus, nylon is resistant to stain and is extremely durable.

Polyester, on the other hand, is great at holding vibrant fade resistant colours and can be considered an eco-friendly option due to it sometimes being made from recycled plastic bottles. Unfortunately, polyester does tend to flatten underweight which makes this material better suited to rooms which experience less footfall.

Polypropylene Fiber is like nylon and in most cases can feel as soft as a nylon carpet. It is often used as a wool substitute. Most will choose nylon carpet over Polypropylene Fiber. This is mainly because nylon is more durable and has much more resistance to stains or dirt.
Finally, the most luxurious material – wool. Wool is a long-lasting material and is the softest carpet money can buy. Lower priced wool tends to stain easier, whereas more expensive wool is more durable. It is common for wool carpet manufacturers to combine wool with synthetic material to provide greater benefits for the carpet.

Overall, each material has its benefits. Nylon is a very popular option due to its durability and stain resistance. Whereas many will go for wool because of the level of comfort that is gained from that material. The best thing to do is visit a carpet store and get a feel for each material. In store experts will also be able to give you advice to help you with the decision making process.

Once you have considered the different aspects, you’ll be in a much better position for selecting your carpet. We recommend that you visit in store to get a visual idea of how the carpet will look in your home. We have two Leicester based stores at Crest Rise and Cavendish Road. Full addresses can be found here.