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Blue Carpets


Colourbank keeps a wide range of affordable blue carpets for those looking to bring a relaxed feel into their homes. Blue is a very diverse colour that is used for a number of reasons. Some buy blue carpets when expecting a new baby, whereas others will decorate special rooms in the home to have an ocean beach feel. Whatever the reason, you can be sure to find the perfect shade of blue at Colourbank.

We will happily provide and fit blue stair carpets and also source and sell more unique shades of blue including royal blue carpets.
Blue carpets can really bring a room’s character out. By choosing a blue carpet you can paint your walls with more subtle tones such as grey or cream.

Blue carpets are also a great choice for offices and businesses. As businesses tend to have more neutral colours on the wall, blue fits in well and also offers durability when considering heavy footfall throughout the year.

Impact Ocean Blue Carpet

Twist Blue - Value


Light blue carpets can make a room feel very calming. By opting for a lighter blue carpet it is likely you will be looking for a more natural look in your room. Matched with lighter furniture and neutral wall paints, you can create a truly relaxed room that will invite anyone to enjoy a stress free time whether fitted into a living room, bathroom or bedroom. They’re also great for a nursery whether you’re expecting a baby boy or girl.


Dark blue carpets can really make a room appear elegant and bring a feel of prestige into the environment. They are brilliant in living rooms and can also look great in bedrooms. A dark blue carpet will withstand a lot of heavy wear and are great for rooms where spillages may occur. Dark blue carpets can also be great for hallways, landings and stairways.

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