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Grey Carpets


We have a diverse range of grey carpets available at low prices. If you’re looking for a stylish grey carpet – including grey striped carpets and grey patterned carpets – it is likely we’ll have something that matches your preferences.

Grey has become a very popular colour among homeowners and businesses and it is clear why! With its neutral tone and ability to fit in with most wall colours and furnishings it is a versatile colour that is perfect for most settings. Grey tends to give a room a more modern appearance, but can also be used for traditional rooms as well.

Colourbank aims to stock the best options available for our customers. We carefully consider trends when sourcing carpets for our selections and also consider more eccentric appearances too. A large selection of our grey coloured carpets are on display in our shop online section of the website, but if you would like to see our selections in person, please visit us in-store at our Crest Rise or Cavendish Road store. If you’re looking for something different to grey, we welcome you to view other options. Plain brown carpets have proven to be very popular throughout the years too!

Grey Carpet - Platinum

Grey Carpet - 870

Grey Carpet - Platinum

Fluffy Grey Carpet - 236


Some homeowners are looking for a darker carpet for multiple reasons. The great thing about a dark grey carpet is that it will fully bring out the colour of your walls whilst also remaining durable. It is a fantastic colour for young boys and is equally suitable for anyone looking to install a stylish yet long-lasting carpet into any room in the home including the dining room or living room.


Light grey carpets are a popular choice at the moment, especially for homeowners looking for a more modern appearance around the home. The subtle tone of a grey carpet goes well with most types of furniture and has proven to be popular with those that like velvet furniture. We stock a wide range of carpets in light grey and also have light grey stair carpets available too.

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