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Red Carpets


Red carpets are a great choice for anyone looking to add romance or intensity to a room. Choosing red carpets alongside red curtains and light walls can really make a room stand out. Even if you opt for loud walls a red carpet can make a real statement. When matched with the right colours red can make a room appear modern or traditional which makes it such a great option.

Red carpets go well with most furniture types and can be matched with wooden shades or contemporary whites.

We aim to stock a range of red shades to offer all customers a variety to choose from. Whilst red might not be your natural choice, when viewing this carpet colour in store you may find that it is the colour for you! We have two stores that you can visit. Crest Rise and Cavendish Road both have a wide range of carpets to choose from and also have experienced carpet experts available to help.

Twist Pink - Value

Impact Red

Twist Red Carpet - Value


Light red carpets offer less intensity which is what some homeowners are looking for when choosing red. Some reds can appear more like a pink when they are light which is good for rooms looking for a calm environment. Be sure to compare bright reds with light reds before going ahead. This way you can be 100% certain you’re choosing the carpet you want.


Dark red carpets can make a room appear more prestigious. Whereas a light red is more calming, dark red is more of a statement and when matched with the right wall colours and furniture this shade of carpet can really improve the way a room looks We stock a range of dark read shades and even have

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