Memory Flex

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  • Memory Foam Layer
  • Open Coil Springs
  • Luxury Stretch Knit Fabric
  • No Turn Mattress
  • 5 Year Warranty
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The Memory Flex is a superb bed for the money. An incredible mattress for the money. The quality and value for money is amongst the very best. This is a supportive mattress, but the surface layer is soft, comfortable and luxurious.

The Memory Flex is a bed we’ve had made especially for us! We wanted something that was superb value for money, unbranded and able to offer you the very best bed for the money. The Memory Flex punches well above it’s weight, and is among our most popular beds.

This mattress has a deep layer of Memory Foam on the surface. This layer is designed to be soft, luxurious and contour hugging. As weight is applied to this mattress, the foam will slowly and precisely conform to the body’s contours, hugging and supporting. This process promotes the body’s natural contours, preventing pressure points from forming, which cause aches and pains in the morning.

This mattress has a traditional Open Coil spring unit at it’s core. This traditional spring unit has been used for many years and is as durable as it is efficient. The springs are all joined by one continuous wire, which sees all the springs joined at the top and the bottom. This spring type shares weight energy with it’s neighbours. As one spring is compressed, the surrounding springs will also move, spreading the weight energy across the mattress. Very efficient and very durable.

This brilliant mattress has a super soft, luxury stretch knit fabric as a cover. This material is so soft and luxurious that it is almost a shame to use a bed sheet! This fabric is breathable and durable.

As a no-turn mattress, the Memory Flex is hassle free and low maintenance, only requiring rotation (not turning over) once per Season (although we recommend doing this more frequently in the earlier months).

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