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Silentnight Beds

Silentnight Beds

At Colourbank, we have a wide selection of Silentnight beds for sale in our Leicestershire showrooms. Silentnight have over seven decades of experience in the manufacture of high-quality beds right here in the UK. Silentnight have perfected their process over the years and understand the benefits a good night’s sleep can bring, which is our range offers something for everyone.

Silentnight Beds

70 Years Of Experience

For over 70 years, Silentnight has been at the forefront of the manufacture of great quality beds. Their attention to detail and commitment to understanding what makes a great night’s sleep, which makes them the perfect partner for us here at Colourbank.

Silentnight Beds

The Science Of Sleep

Silentnight beds have always designed and manufactured their beds with only one goal in mind: to provide the user with a comfortable and restful sleep at an affordable price.

Silentnight Beds

UK Superbrand

Silentnight’s excellent work over the years has helped them become a household name. For over a decade, Silentnight has been named as the biggest brands in the UK, alongside the likes of Apple and Coca-Cola, which just goes to show how trusted this brand truly is.

Why Visit Colourbank?

Our selection of Silentnight beds for sale is just one of the reasons to visit our Leicestershire superstores. We’ve been trading for over 30-years, and during this time we’ve built up a nationwide reputation for fantastic products at prices that you just can’t find anywhere else.
So, visit us today and one of our expert customer service staff, will help you find the right product for you.

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