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Silentnight Mattresses

Silentnight Mattresses at Colourbank

Silentnight mattresses are manufactured to play a fundamental role in your sleep satisfaction. Each mattress is made using pressure soothing fillings which target key support
areas to ensure the user can enjoy the kind of sleep quality they deserve.

For over seven decades, Silentnight Mattresses have been at the forefront of sleep technology, and every one of their mattresses, bases and headboards have been developed
in their factory in Lancashire.

Silentnight Mattresses

Miracoil Support System

Silentnight’s Miracoil support system offers exceptional support, outstanding spinal alignment and reduces ‘roll-together’ for less sleep disturbance – making it perfect for couples. The Miracoil support system features a continuous length of wire knitted into a series of intertwining springs, which is rare for an open coil system since they link vertically rather than horizontally to offer a firmer night’s rest.

Silentnight Mattresses

Mirapocket Support System

Each mattress containing the Mirapocket spring unit includes small springs contained in separate fabric pockets which act in response to each other. Each individual spring helps to spread your weight evenly providing a support and comfort that’d be difficult to find elsewhere.

Silentnight Mattresses

Foam Support System

A foam support system provides a foam centre without the need for a spring system. For those who prefer the padded feel of memory foam, a foam support system offers absorption along the natural curvature of the body for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Silentnight Mattresses at Colourbank

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