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Stain Resistant Carpets

Stain Resistant Carpet

Everyday marks, stains and spills are a by-product of everyday life and unfortunately they’re invitable, particularly when you share a home with little people and pets. Stain resistant carpet is the practical and affordable choice for almost every living space including bedrooms, lounges and hallways.

Our stain proof carpet is designed to resist stains and spills while still providing the style and comfort you’d expect from your carpet, as well as an extra protective layer which prevents stains and spillages from soaking in to the carpet’s fibres.

The Stain Resistant Carpet Range

Each of our carpets is manufactured to the best possible standards, using high-quality materials which deliver unmatched durability and care-free maintenance.
Our range is designed using only the very best materials, to ensure that while you’re paying the lowest prices anywhere around, you’re still purchasing a product of great quality.

At our Leicester showroom, we have a great selection of stain proof carpet, in a variety of designs, materials and textures to ensure all tastes and budgets are catered for.

Biggest Stain Resistant Carpet Retailer in Leicester

Colourbank stocks hundreds of carpet rolls in our Leicester showrooms and with some of the lowest prices for miles around.
As a carpet retailer with over three decades of expertise in the industry, we are proud to have been able to deliver the very best products at the best prices for so long.

Enormous range of Stain resistant carpets now in stock!

Remember the old Scotchguard protected carpets? Well, these new styles are far better with the protection built in to the pile, not just sprayed onto the surface. They are also cleanable with a mild bleach solution! (Don’t try that with other kinds of carpets!)

Prices start from as little as £3.99 sq.yd (£4.77sq.m)

And if you are thinking all this practicality will be expensive, think again. Colourbank stock over 100,000sq.m of all styles of Stain resistant carpets including Twist piles, Saxonies and Natural looking loop styles, all at our guaranteed lowest prices and all available for fitting within 48 hours, if you want it that fast.

Of course they would all be fitted to our famous high standards, too!

Most everyday stains can be removed without needing professional cleaning!

Some come with a helpline you can ring for advice and most have guarantees that your carpet will come clean, or it will be replaced free of charge! (see terms and conditions in either Colourbank store)

Visit one of our superstores in Leicester or contact us for a quote!